CEO/Founder Andrea Johnson


Andrea Johnson is a human rights advocate, motivational speaker and philanthropist. She's a Philadelphia native and the Founder of GIRL U CAN DO IT, INC (GUCDII), a non-profit community based organization established in 2005, which provides comprehensive health, awareness and prevention education for disadvantaged youths, young adults and women. She is the host of a social justice radio show called Real R.A.P.P. and the creator of the RED, WHITE & U HIV Anti-Stigma Campaign.

In July 2007, after learning about her now ex-husband’s infidelity, Andrea decided to get tested and discovered that she had acquired HIV from her ex-husband.  Not knowing where to turn or what to do, she felt isolated, ashamed, depressed, alone and hopeless.  She knew that what happened to her no one deserved and she was determined NOT to remain silent while other women, especially Black and Latino women were acquiring HIV at higher rates than any other racial group. Two months after learning her HIV diagnosis, she began speaking in Washington D.C on various occasions about the huge injustices associated with HIV and AIDS in the Black and Latino communities.  Thereafter, her mission for advocating for youths, young adults, women and families affected by HIV or AIDS soared. Her passion to help others lead her to work for Penn Medicine and Drexel’s College of Medicine where she became their first and one of their most successful HIV testing specialists and counselors. Andrea has helped tested and counseled thousands of people that came through Penn’s and Drexel’s emergency rooms and clinical offices during her tenure with both organizations.   In addition, she’s tested many within various communities outside of a hospital setting as well.

Certified in adult and youth counseling, as well as HIV and Domestic Violence Prevention, she is also a graduating member and Valedictorian of Philadelphia Fight’s Project TEACH, an educational HIV and AIDS advocacy program. She served on the Community Planning Council for the Office of HIV Planning in Philadelphia and Texas, Penn Housing Committee, Penn Mental Health AIDS Research Center's Community Advisory Board, and various other committees within the US and abroad. She is a Community HIV Counselor and Tester and volunteers as a peer educator and inspirer/empower for GUCDII and is the originator and organizer for the Philadelphia and National born initiative named B’Cause I Care About U, Is Why U Should Get Tested 4 HIV. She is the former Chief Editor of the 5300 Block of Chancellor Street Newsletter, and a member of various organizations that fight for the rights of youths, young adults and women. Andrea is also an Officer and Allie for the Positive Women’s Network USA National and Pennsylvania Chapter.  She is an inductee into the SisterLove Leading Women Society. Additionally, she is a member of IRMA, National Minority AIDS Council and numerous other national and international organizations.  Andrea is a huge supporter to our armed services, and continues to service them without being enlisted.  

Her biggest personal accomplishments to date are the births of her children and her grandson.  She is a returning college student after a 23 year hiatus to finally fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney with an emphasis on human rights, in order to further help in defending the rights of those that cannot defend themselves against injustices within our global society. Furthermore, Andrea has received numerous community and dignitary honors and awards and remains grateful and humble for the blessings God has bestowed upon her.

Andrea continues to be a very passionate, empathic and compassionate activist, advocate, educator, counselor, tester and community organizer, whose main goals are to encourage and empower our youths and young adults to become our successes of tomorrow, and help in ending the HIV epidemic for ALL. Andrea’s determination to help others living with HIV or AIDS has inspired thousands living with HIV or AIDS to want to live and dream about their own personal growth and success for their lives. She chooses to continue to work on ground zero where she sees that she can be the most help in helping to end a pandemic that continues to plague our communities globally.